autumn beauty

This little girl definitely ranks at the top of my list of favorite kids to photograph. She's soooo cute, she smiles and laughs throughout each of the sessions we have had together, and her mom dresses her beautifully! Plus her family couldn't be nicer. These sessions remind me why I love doing this so much.


Uncle Monkey and I got to spend lots of quality time with these guys on our recent visit to Wisconsin. My niece and nephews (to-be) are THE best! Only three more weeks until we get to go again (for Thanksgiving)! :)

before the super moon rose

The super moon was scheduled to rise the night I got to hang out with these three goofballs ;)
And the setting couldn't have been more beautiful. I honestly had such a great time hanging out with these three. They were the perfect little posers too, especially the 2 sisters. I think I was laughing more then them. Plus you could just tell how much they adore each other, which only made the session that much more special :)


this little guy was such a sweetie. We all such had a great time playing in the park, looking for fish, picking flowers, & playing with his trucks. But when it came time for a snack, guess who kindly offered to share his grapes with me?!

adorable baby mohawk

This little guy was stylin! Not only does he naturally rock a little mohawk (so cute!) but his nursery was stunning! I swear, it looked straight out of a magazine. It couldn't have been a more perfect setting to photograph this gorgeous family.

 lets feed the ducks

Isn't this little girl gorgeous?! She takes after her mama ;) Though she started off a teensy bit shy, you should have seen her light up when the ducks came over for some treats. From that moment on, it was clear sailing. She was all smiles and giggles after that :)