gorgeous spring day!

The weather couldn't have been better for our evening session in Oakland. And I got to hang out with THE nicest family! Having recently moved from Canada, they are just now getting settled in California. I'm so flattered they squeezed a session in with me during such a busy time! And did I mention what gorgeous weather we had!?! Everyone was out BBQing, playing frisbee or soccer, & you could hear kids laughing all over the park.

first time camping for our nephews!

Over 4th of July weekend, we took our two super cute nephews to Lassen National Park to try out camping for the first time. They had a blast! We made s'mores, explored caves, skipped stones in the dark.....and got really really dirty ;)

welcome to the world Eli!

Ugh, how sweet is this little guy? Only a week old when we took these pictures, and cute as a button. He not only had his wonderful parents watching over him, but his loving grandparents, and the sweetest puppy dog, Ellie. And Ellie was just so gentle with the baby, it was amazing. I don't know how they just intuitively know these things. Hopefully they will grow to be best friends one day :)

picking flowers

I was so worried when we showed up for our session and it was cold, windy and foggy. But this little one didn't let it bother her at all! She ran all over the gardens picking flowers and sharing them with her parents and me. She was such a sweetheart :)

special visit

I was so flattered when this gorgeous, amazing family carved out some time during their visit back to San Francisco to have a family session with me. And the girls! Ugh! Look how cute they are together. I swear it was non-stop laughing and giggling the entire time. I'm sure I made them late to their dinner because I just couldn't stop taking pictures of them!

love this smile!

Ugh! How friggin cute is this little guy?!? So so cute! I first got the chance to meet him when he was only 6 months old. His smile was infectious then, and it's still infectious now.....9 months later. How lucky am I to be able to hang out and photograph kids like him, with these huge wonderful cheerful & upbeat personalities. It made my day :)