sisters, friends forever

These sisters were the absolute cutest! They were so sweet and kind to one another. I felt really honored to witness such a beautiful relationship between those two.

emily and kevin

I had so much fun with these guys! Despite the solid week of rain....and subsequent soaked grounds of Lake Temescal, these guys had a blast. They came prepared with their cute little boots and splashed in every puddle we came across. They fed the ducks, raced around the park, and just had fun. And thanks to the rain, everything was lush and green and sparkling. It was lovely. My personal favorite part of the session was Emily and her adored stuffed cow, Moo Moo. She loves him & takes him everywhere. I'm so glad she brought him to our shoot :)

macie and elise

How gorgeous is this family? And the kids were so good!!! Sometimes during sessions it can be a bit of a challenge keeping both kids happy and interested simultaneously, but Macie was such an amazing big sister. She patiently waited and played while we caught a few pics of her baby sister, Elise. And then she lit up again for the camera at a moment's notice. And though I love how this family is dressed (soft creams and pink - perfect!), I can't help but especially love Macie's rainbow tutu and rain boots. It perfectly fit her friendly & bubbly personality :)

happy holidays!

Look at those cheeks!!! And that smile! I may be biased, but I think baby Arya is just the cutest little girl. She may not be fierce yet like her namesake ;) .... but she's just as beautiful.


Seriously! This little girl is just the cutest! She probably smiled for about 99.9% of the session, and her smile was ridiculously infectious. She had all of us smiling and laughing right along with her. And every time she got ahold of one of her little stuffed animals, she just beamed! Ugh, so cute. I didn't want the session to end, I was having so much fun. And her parents are literally the coolest. Example? Dad climbed El Cap multiple times!!! Amazing!!!

beautiful arizona

We just got back from touring the gorgeous state of Arizona. And oh my goodness, was I in photography heaven!

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